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Which features public This practice is determined by its ability to check the reflection and brings them closer to reality, be a criterion of truth and objectivity of reflection?

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First, the fact that it is given directly, and thus the primary, and therefore abstract ideological reflection) as a secondary, checked by comparison with its primary, the specific source. For concreteness, always comes first with respect to abstraction and is a source of its content and clarity.

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"In a theoretical idea (in theory), subjective (knowledge?) as a general and of itself, devoid of certainty is opposed to the objective world, from which it derives a certain content, and content " Second, the fact that human reflection of the world do not remain in the idea, and "act" in reality as the goal of which "are made and change this reality, this reality to conform to human notions and concepts to reality.

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"In practice, the idea (in practice) this is a concept as a valid (current?) Is opposed to actual," ie, "peace does not meet the man and the man his action decides to change it," that is objective and "the concept of the human subject objectified and validated and in fact, changing, becoming the force of reality itself.

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The fact that reality is not only just a specific and direct, but in this concrete individual phenomena contain always universality and regularity, that is, belonged to a certain whole, the system or set of phenomena, they carry as part of a whole, while and the nature of this whole move but the laws system, "which belong to.

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Thus, the individual human statements, goals and concepts are tested in fact, for only in terms of its consistency with certain specific parts of this reality, in the sense of coincidence of the general properties and laws governing this concreteness.

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And it is still higher stage of testing and matching: universality and regularity are always more significant, deeper and more capacious than the singularity and empirical specificity. This unity of universality and concreteness of reality provides adequate reflection in the process of their implementation in reality.